Staff Spotlight

  • Announcing New Executive Director Shawn Kuhl

    We would like to officially welcome Shawn Kuhl, who recently joined our team as Executive Director for The Residences at Greer. Shawn comes to us from North Carolina, after completing his Bachelor of Science in Healthcare Administration. Shawn recently received his CRCFA license, completing requirements with the South Carolina Board of Long-Term Care Administrators. He had a lengthy career providing services to persons with developmental disabilities as well as mental health challenges in residential and day services. In 2001 Shawn found his new passion, senior care, and joined a family operation in Cleveland County and operated an 80-bed community along with fourteen independent living homes. In 2005, he joined with two partners and purchased the community where he operated until he sold his interest in 2007. From then, he worked as a consultant to other providers of residential services assisting them to utilize person centered way of thinking.
  • Meet Kyle Hicks, Regional Director of Senior Living Operations

    Serving our communities as Regional Director of Senior Living Operations, Kyle Hicks has been an integral part of The Residences since we originally opened our doors back in August 2009. Kyle has devoted his professional career to serving the elderly, a passion that stems from living with his ailing grandmother. He believes the phrase "People Helping People" is what truly defines a community.
  • Jenna Menard, Resident Activities Director

    Jenna serves as Resident Activities Director and has been a vital part of our Seneca community since we officially opened our doors in August 2009. You can always count on high energy, positive vibes and a glowing smile from Jenna as she helps keep our residents active… "Nothing makes my job more rewarding than knowing when I wake up I will be making a difference in someone's life. I believe you haven't done a great job if you're not exhausted at the end of the day! I love my residents!”
  • Pamela Jacobsen, Business Office Manager

    Pamela is the Business Office Manager and started working in our Seneca, SC community in 2020. She believes in a "hands-on" approach in showing compassion for our residents… "While most of my life had been devoted to rescuing animals, nurturing them and placing them in a safe environment... I've had just as much passion working hands-on with the elderly."
  • Keri Rogers, Assistant Resident Services Manager

    Keri Rogers serves as the Assistant Resident Services Manager at The Residences of Park Place in Seneca, SC and started working in our community in 2012... "Wonderful place to work! To me it's more than just a job. It's connecting a resident's past with their present and enjoying the 3 most important components in life which is to Live, Laugh, And Love! The residents and staff have a special bond and we are part of a BIG family that treats each other with love and respect."
  • Ron Potts, Facility Maintenance Manager

    Ron Potts is the Facility Maintenance Manager at The Residences at Park Place in Seneca, SC and started working in our community in 2016. When he’s not serving our residents, he also serves as a devoted pastor, husband, and a father. "For me, it's a ministry. I provide my ministry through serving people."