Respite Care

Respite Care

Whether you are in a transition phase recovering or rehabbing from surgery, or you simply need a temporary place to live, we welcome you to stay in one of our communities for a short-term stay

We kindly recommend that you give yourself and your loved ones permission to rest. Being a caregiver for your aging loved one is a noble and admirable act; and one that can cause significant physical, emotional, and mental strain. Respite Care can offer a brief reprieve from those duties – by way of providing a solution for a temporary, short-term stay. These programs allow caregivers time to rejuvenate while knowing their loved one is well cared for. The Respite Care program can provide short-term skilled care to those recovering from surgery or a recent hospital stay.

Providing a temporary solution for rest, recovery and relaxation

The important thing to remember is you are not in this alone. As a supporter of your aging loved one, it is essential that you receive support, encouragement, and a respite at times. Allow us to offer you a hand, as you have so generously done with your loved one. This program is available for up to 60 continuous days. However, multiple stays are often encouraged to our temporary guests.

As an extension of our Assisted Living program, the Respite Care program can also offer short-term assistance with:

Bathing & Getting Dressed
Personal Hygiene & Grooming
Coordinating Therapy Services
Medication Management
Modified or Restricted Diet Plan

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